Jeff Wraley
GRN Zionsville

You helped me to get my books straightened out and set me up with a new accountant very quickly due to my time constraints. During the process you took ownership of the problem and focused on thorough completion in a short timeframe. You also gave me encouragement that I was not doing things 'that badly'. Those words of encouragement provided a 'reality check', which told me I wasn't as bad as I thought in the financial aspects of my business.

In a nutshell, you care, you encourage, you know your stuff (bookkeeping), you know when to access other resources outside your expertise and you are professional in your approach.

Christopher M. Thomas
Thomas Lawn Service

I think for me you came in and straightened up my books and helped me get more organized in areas where I didn't know what to do. Its always good to have another opinion on things and that's what I get with your services! I feel comfortable having you there and can trust you being around one of the most important parts of my business.

Vickie Binford

I have had the pleasure of working with Cheryl at several locations over the past five years. Cheryl is passionate and tenacious about her work. She keeps the end goal in mind and drives toward it. Cheryl is detailed and thorough in her work with an eye on the details.

Len Titone MBA, CPA
Next Level CPA

Cheryl has been the voice of my answering service for many years. Her unique blend of accents adds a professionalism and flair to my business. Many people have wanted to meet the �friendly, cheerful voice� on the other end of the phone!

Anne-Marie Dezelan
Annie O's Events

One of the smartest business decisions I have ever made was hiring Victoria Grant to be my business manager. Her amazingly thorough approach to perfection in numbers and structure takes such a weight off my shoulders and allows me to focus on what I love most about my business. I completely trust her, count on her, and quite frankly, love her. She is simply the best!!

Len Titone MBA, CPA
Next Level CPA

I have worked with Cheryl for about 8 years. I know when we receive a set of books and financial statements, they will be extremely accurate. Cheryl has handled the most complex issues with ease and efficiency. She has helped build my practice with her expert knowledge and ability.

Rhonda Kuchik
The MAK Team

One of the most valuable differences between Cheryl and previous bookkeepers is her proactive diligence in making sure the invoices being paid are correct. Cheryl has a keen eye for watching the detail. As a small business owner, we know that the profit is in the pennies and Cheryl has helped our bottom line.

Karen Maier
Village Custom Embroidery/
Celestial Designs

Cheryl has been an invaluable asset to our growing company for over (5) years. She is an accessible team member with a 24/7 work ethic. Cheryl is an excellent bookkeeper who is knowledgeable, detail oriented and efficient. Her professional communication and cooperation with my accountant is exceptional and because of her initiative and personal responsibility, I can rely on her to keep our records accurate and compliant. As a small business owner, Cheryl has saved me countless hours of time and has given me back the weekends that I used to spend on bookkeeping!